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The art of Michael Lees

Painting in action - see a painting as it develops in the artist's words

Michael has now decided which scene to paint. His easel is shown in position. We will show the painting as it develops.

"This is looking towards Weare Giffard on the river Torridge. I love this stretch of the river, it is still tidal as far as the village and we have rowed up here from our mooring at Instow, a distance of about six miles."

How to paint landscape and river

When I arrived this morning the tide was in and a boat chugged by, they thought that I was fishing so ordered a two pound bass! One can see the inevitable result of painting outside as midges land on the wet paint, also a breeze blew up sending the canvas and easel crashing to the ground - hence the guy ropes.
How to paint easel
The weather has been glorious, this is a great advantage when painting outside, however one has to choose a particular time of day otherwise the shadows will be cast in different directions when I paint the following day.




There is a huge difference between the tide being in and out, I have decided to include my boat so the tide will be in on my painting, and I will paint the boat later.

How to paint easel and river
The first stage is the background colour, the sky and the dark mass of the woods lining the horizon.
How to paint sheep
The field is full of sheep who have now become used to me, one particular lamb even has a taste for the guy ropes! Two swans patrol this particular stretch of water, and a couple of herons are nesting in the trees behind me.
I have started the detail of the sky and the woods. Click on the picture to see exactly how I have painted it in close up!
How to paint the start  

Unlike my last painting I am not doing this painting for an exhibition or for a commission. I will have to sell it when I finish as I live on my art - but I like to paint what I enjoy and not feel constrained by expectations. I always hope that people will like what I like - and this, for many years has worked.

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